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If you’ve put petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in a petrol car:
Call our professional wrong fuel advisors on: 0800 170 0644 or 07804 311182
  • Just filled up with petrol in your diesel, or diesel in your petrol vehicle? Don’t start your engine. Call us now.
  • If you have started or driven the vehicle after this mistake then pull over where safe and give us a call for expert advice.
  • One of our fully qualified wrong fuel drain technicians could be with you within 30 minutes.
  • A technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and get you back on the road.

Rest assured of a professional service through us. All our technicians are fully insured, SPA licensed and ATEX certified for your piece of mind.

Wrong Fuel Sherburn Hill Advice:

If you’ve not started your car:
  • Don’t start the engine
  • Call one of our advisers
If you have driven it:
  • Find a safe place to park
  • Turn off the engine
  • Call one of our advisers

Some reviews and testimonials of our Fuel Draining Service in Durham:

Wrong Fuel Sherburn Hill

As soon as we picked up the phone call we heard a young child wailing in the background and a young lady in tears. She explained, “I am phoning from Sherburn Hill and I am on the way to the chapel to get my child baptised, yet my car quit running.” We concluded that the vehicle had been inadvertently brimming with diesel rather than petrol. She was so upset that we told her to calm down and that this type of thing was a commonplace slip-up but something that our expert would swiftly fix. Our mechanic explained that once he got there the woman was very reassured and really pleased with the assistance carried out. Furthermore the little one seemed to have taken our words and action to heart and was soundly asleep in her mom’s arms while our expert conducted the drain.

Petrol in Diesel Sherburn Hill

An upset elderly man contacted us from a service station in Sherburn Hill after being given our details by one of the employees in the petrol station. He had sadly put the wrong fuel in his apricot Fiat Punto and didn’t know what to do. He was scared to drive it in case it conked out, which we told him was the right decision. We calmed him by telling him he did the proper thing and we had a technician nearby so we could be with him in 30 minutes. We cleared out the wrong fuel from his diesel vehicle and he was so pleased he said: “I believed my car was a goner after that! Thank you for the efficient service,” and he said he would highly recommend us to everyone who was unlucky enough to misfuel.

Wrong Fuel Sherburn Hill

Our driver was called to a petrol station in Sherburn Hill when a elderly lady misfueled her grey Ford Focus ST by putting petrol in her diesel vehicle. She was in an aggrevated and perplexed state of mind but we quickly calmed her anxiety by telling her that we could be out to her in the hour to do the necessary work and that the vehicle would shortly be ready to go and she would be off again. As we had stated she was exactly that, but also insisted on telling us: “Your firm is really service oriented, I’m really pleased that my car is working,” and that she’d endorse us to everyone.

Petrol in Diesel Sherburn Hill

A woman in Sherburn Hill with a rugged Mitsubishi Precis complete with kids had filled her car with £30 of petrol at the Co-Op service station. She contacted us sobbing and quite distraught since she had never misfuelled and did not know what could happen to the car because of it. We reassured her that it would be fine and she would likely be operational very quickly. When we turned up she was still aggrieved but as our fuel drainer worked on the fuel drain she settled down since she realised that it wasn’t a problem and her car wasn’t unfixable. She quickly lightened up and was underway again stating, “I really cannot believe my misfortune putting petrol in my car! Mainly with the little ones in the back.”

Fuel Drain Sherburn Hill

At the Gulf service station in Sherburn Hill a woman filled up with the wrong fuel and after that broke down. She phoned saying that she had put petrol in her diesel and she had believed that she could possibly drive it anyhow. We performed the fuel drain on her father’s Honda CR-Z and had her up and running after filling her tank up with £12 of pure fuel. She told us, “My car just cut out a few minutes after going out of the station. Starting it after misfuelling was undoubtedly the incorrect thing to try!”

At Fuel Fixer UK we offer fast, professional and reliable fuel doctor service in and around Sherburn Hill and all of Durham.
We are always on standby, fully insured and ready to go for fuel drain or fuel recovery services, any car, any model, any time.
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