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If you’ve put petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in a petrol car:
Call our professional wrong fuel advisors on: 0800 170 0644 or 07804 311182
  • Just filled up with petrol in your diesel, or diesel in your petrol vehicle? Don’t start your engine. Call us now.
  • If you have started or driven the vehicle after this mistake then pull over where safe and give us a call for expert advice.
  • One of our fully qualified wrong fuel drain technicians could be with you within 30 minutes.
  • A technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and get you back on the road.

Rest assured of a professional service through us. All our technicians are fully insured, SPA licensed and ATEX certified for your piece of mind.

Wrong Fuel Folksworth Advice:

If you’ve not started your car:
  • Don’t start the engine
  • Call one of our advisers
If you have driven it:
  • Find a safe place to park
  • Turn off the engine
  • Call one of our advisers

Some reviews and testimonials of our Fuel Draining Service in Cambridgeshire:

Wrong Fuel Folksworth

When we answered the telephone we heard a child howling in the back and a young lady in tears. She explained, “I am phoning from Folksworth and I am on the way to the chapel to have my newborn baby baptised, except my car broke down.” We established that the car had been by accident filled with diesel rather than unleaded. She was so distraught that we told her to calm down and that this type of thing was a usual error but one that our expert would definitely rectify. The mechanic explained that as soon as he appeared the young lady was completely relieved and very happy with the services conducted. Furthermore the infant seemed to have taken our advice and actions onboard and was sleeping comfortably in her mom’s arms while the technician conducted his fuel drain.

Petrol in Diesel Folksworth

A person contacted us from his house in Folksworth. He pronounced, “My vehicle (shiny Audi A4) is not starting up and is creating very bad sounds when I flip the key.” He confessed that he had put petrol in his diesel car but then reckoned he would fix the problem by putting extra diesel on top. We showed up quickly, performed the fuel drain and filled him up again with untainted diesel. He said that he would be certain to explain to people not to fill up in addition to the wrong fuel but to have it drained promptly.

Wrong Fuel Folksworth

We did a fuel drain for a man who had ground to a halt in his dark green Chevrolet Camaro in Folksworth after not recognising he had wrong fuelled at the petrol station not far away. He was pretty upset seeing that he was on his way to the office in Folksworth and was behind schedule. We managed to arrive with him no more than a half-hour later to remove the contaminated fuel from his diesel vehicle, which is why he was pretty appreciative. He was once again on the road 60 minutes later and said about the service, “I failed to actually realise I’d misfueled until my car suddenly broke down and it was then that I realised. Your man was very nice even though I felt so silly, and he assured me that it had happened to quite a few customers and not to be concerned. I was able to be on my way once again in my car much sooner than I thought, which I was truly pleased with.”

Petrol in Diesel Folksworth

A woman in Folksworth with a mate’s Hyundai HED-5 packed with kids had tanked up with £20 of unleaded at the Texaco service station. She phoned us sobbing and quite worried as she had never put the wrong fuel in her car and did not know what might happen to the car in doing so. We reassured her that everything would be alright and she would likely be all set soon. When we turned up she was yet still distressed but as our technician worked on the repair she calmed down because she discovered that it wasn’t so serious and that her car was not ruined. She soon cheered up and was on her way mentioning, “I really cannot believe my luck putting petrol in my car! Especially with the little ones in the back.”

Fuel Drain Folksworth

At the Shell service station in Folksworth a lady misfuelled and after that broke down. She called saying that she had put in the wrong fuel and she had assumed that she could possibly drive it anyhow. We went and finished the fuel drain on her spotless VW Golf and had her restarted after filling her tank with £15 of clean diesel. She said, “My vehicle just cut out a couple of minutes after exiting the station. Driving it after using the wrong fuel was evidently the wrong thing to try!”

At Fuel Fixer UK we offer fast, professional and reliable fuel doctor service in and around Folksworth and all of Cambridgeshire.
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