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If you’ve put petrol in a diesel car, or diesel in a petrol car:
Call our professional wrong fuel advisors on: 0800 170 0644 or 07804 311182
  • Just filled up with petrol in your diesel, or diesel in your petrol vehicle? Don’t start your engine. Call us now.
  • If you have started or driven the vehicle after this mistake then pull over where safe and give us a call for expert advice.
  • One of our fully qualified wrong fuel drain technicians could be with you within 30 minutes.
  • A technician will be sent out to fix your problem, he’ll drain your wrong fuel and get you back on the road.

Rest assured of a professional service through us. All our technicians are fully insured, SPA licensed and ATEX certified for your piece of mind.

Wrong Fuel Clapham Park Advice:

If you’ve not started your car:
  • Don’t start the engine
  • Call one of our advisers
If you have driven it:
  • Find a safe place to park
  • Turn off the engine
  • Call one of our advisers

Some reviews and testimonials of our Fuel Draining Service in London:

Wrong Fuel Clapham Park

As we answered the phone we noticed a young infant wailing in the back and a lady in tears. She said, “I am calling from Clapham Park and I am on the way to the church to have my little one christened, except my car quit running.” We determined the car had been unintentionally filled with diesel as opposed to petrol. She was so dismayed that we advised her to settle down and that this type of thing was a frequent mistake but something that our specialist could swiftly fix. The drainer reported that when he got there the young woman was quite relieved and extremely satisfied with the service completed. Even the infant appeared to have taken our advice and actions to heart and was sleeping comfortably in his mother’s arms while the technician went about his drain.

Petrol in Diesel Clapham Park

An older gentleman phoned us from a petrol station in Clapham Park after being supplied our card by one of the personnel in the station. He had put the improper fuel in his apple green Fiat and needed help. He was reluctant to drive it in case it broke down, which we assured him was the right decision. We calmed him by telling him he did the correct thing and that we had a technician in the area so we could be with him in around 30 minutes. We drained the wrong fuel from his diesel car and he was so pleased he said: “I believed my car was a goner after that! Many thanks for the fantastic response,” and he said he would highly recommend us to anybody who had been unfortunate enough to do the same thing.

Wrong Fuel Clapham Park

A young lady working next to Clapham Park had stopped a few yards from her workplace after inserting unleaded in her diesel uncle’s Audi A4. She contacted us troubled and in tears saying to us: “I put the wrong fuel in my vehicle and subsequently filled it up with diesel, please come out and help me.” Thankfully our technician were nearby in Clapham Park so could be on scene with her to perform the fuel drain in around 30 minutes while she was at work.

Petrol in Diesel Clapham Park

A customer in Clapham Park put thirty pounds of unleaded in his diesel apple green Audi RS 4 and drove home. Halfway home the car was spluttering all over the place. He attempted to start the car the following day and noticed that it wouldn’t run and afterward realised that he filled the wrong fuel. He phoned us after discovering us on the internet and asked if we could come and do a fuel drain . We said we could and were able to address his vehicle and have him on the move really quickly, but not before he prepared our drainer a delightful tea with biscuits treat and said: “Thanks so much for fixing my car.”

Fuel Drain Clapham Park

An elderly driver called us after breaking down roughly a mile from the filling station in Clapham Park. She hadn’t noticed the fact that she’d wrong fuelled (petrol in her diesel ) and was pretty stressed and upset. Luckily, because she had no cellphone, someone pulled over to assist her when they spotted she had her hazard lights lit. They used their cell phone to look for our company for a fuel drain and we were on our way to her after only moments. She was sitting by her spotless Mitsubishi, clearly still distressed. We immediately put her at ease by letting her know precisely what we were going to do to fix the car and she undoubtedly felt more confident after that. In her words she said, “I couldn’t figure out what had happened to my vehicle and felt genuinely stressed. Then I realised my gaffe – wrong fuel in my diesel car. Thank heavens for your business.”

At Fuel Fixer UK we offer fast, professional and reliable fuel doctor service in and around Clapham Park and all of London.
We are always on standby, fully insured and ready to go for fuel drain or fuel recovery services, any car, any model, any time.
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