Question: What is a “misfuel”?
Question: What is a “Fuel Drain”?
Question: How long does a fuel drain take?
Question: Does the vehicle need to be recovered?
Question: Can I drive the vehicle after the fuel drain or does it need to go to a garage?
Question: If something has been damaged because of the misfueling, can the engineer fix it?
Question: Have I wrecked my engine?
Question: How much wrong fuel can I get away with, if I fill up the tank with the right fuel?
Question: I’ve put the wrong fuel in a hire car: what should I do?
Question: Is a fuel drain covered on my insurance?
Question: My car broke down after misfueling. Do I need to have it towed to a garage?
Question: I’ve been told my fuel tank can’t be properly drained because of the design of the car. Can you still help?
Question: What’s worse, diesel in petrol, or petrol in diesel?
Question: But the main dealer says I must bring it in otherwise the engine and pump will be ruined.
Question: I have read all the above, now I think I will top up with the right fuel and chance my luck. Will that be ok?
Question: Can I keep the wrong fuel after you drain it; I want to use it in my lawnmower?
Question: Does the petrol separate and float on top of diesel or does the diesel float on top of petrol?
Question: I have heard of petrol being used as an additive in diesel in colder climates, why?
Question: My engine management light has come on – what does that mean?
Question: I put the wrong fuel in; do I need a new fuel filter?
Question: Why should I use Fuel Fixer?
Question: I’ve heard that it is necessary to put an additive in the fuel after a misfueling. Do you do this?